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Outline of training service

Office G&C focuses on generic and basic skill needed for productivity improvement, and even covers business strategy, marketing and global business expansion which leads productivity in business level.

We will customize our programme according to your request.

Plain and Practical

Our training programmes focus on practical skills not on idealism,
and are not ones given by a drill sergeant at boot camp but really practical and collaborative to enhance the basic business skills.

Accordingly we spend much time on discussion and working to understand the basic theories and practical skills like how to think logically, how to design project and manage it, time management, problem solving, effective communication and organizational operations.
Our track records
Major themes
Basic skills - Logical/creative thinking
- Problem solving
- Time management
- Document writing
- Logical communication
- Logical presentation
Human resource and Organization - Leadership & Management
- Logical Management
- Task Management
- How to train/educate your staff
- MBO and personnel evaluation
Business operation - Business strategy & Marketing
- New business development
- Business globalization

Main service of the Office G&C

training consulting Lecture
Coaching Globalization support
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