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Outline of our Consulting Service

The solution lies in the business field. It's consultant's responsibility to help clients find it.

We visit clients and work jointly with them and extract their knowledge and wisdom on the issue and add our knowledge and skills to them.
This is neither "direction" nor "teaching" but "coaching" and "collaboration".

We help our clients to improve productivity through job/task reviewing and organizing, improving time management and evolving the way of management.

The key player is our client

We are good at consulting for SMEs through 1-on-1 advise to CEO or project meeting with employees or both.
The key factor for success in consulting is to value the employees as key players, because they are the people who conduct their job after the consulting project.
If our solution proposal is too hard for our client, we will flexibly break down the goal and make it achievable with appropriate stretching.

Main service of the Office G&C

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