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Outline of our Globalization Support

Mr. Nakayama, Managing Director, has experience of investment negotiations with US ventures from scratch jointly working with US investment bank and US law firm. Now Office G&C is focusing on Asia, and even the Islamic world as a part of strengthening the company's business productivity/profitability.

Focusing on Malaysia

Office G&C is looking at Asia. Among ASEAN countries, we built a close business relationship in Malaysia which is called ASEAN's honor student and growing as a multi-ethnic nation with English as its common language.

Malaysia, alongside Singapore, is located in the center of Southeast Asia. It is an extremely pro-Japanese country. The society is stable and the government has a strong support for business.
According to the "Doing Business" report issued by the World Bank, "Ease of Starting Business" is ranked 14th in 189 countries surveyed in 2015, while Japan was 81st.

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Cyber Jaya) ranked second in "Top 10 cities of Ease of Starting Business in the World" by Forbes Japan in the same year.
We encourage you to make Malaysia as your foothold to develop business in Southeast Asia and expand your business to India and even to the Middle East.

Growing Malaysia
Our local business partner in Malaysia is an independent business consultant, with a strong network with accounting office, law firm and other business services. Also, Japanese legal service office will help you establish local bases and support your incorporation in Malaysia.

In addition, we also utilize the following network in your business research in Malaysia.
MIDA (Malaysia Investment Development Authority)
Tourism Malaysia (Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board)
JETRO Kuala Lumpur Office
JACTIM (Japan Chamber of Trade & Industry)

Learning English in Malaysia
APUMalaysia is also an IT powerhouse, which may sound surprising.
In the 1990s, Malaysia began to focus on IT under Dr. Mahathir administration.

Cyber Jaya (Jaya means "glory" in Malay), was built as a part of the MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) Initiative, a policy to put national resources into IT. Now it has become an aggregation site of IT industry from foreign countries like Japan and the US.

We have a close relationship for over 6 years with APU, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, the topnotch IT university in Malaysia, with which we have been helping Japanese companies to send their English language trainees to Malaysia.

Malaysia emphasizes higher education. It accepts international students from many countries and regions under the policy of "Becoming an education hub in Asia". Private university classes are held in English. Therefore, many universities have an English school for preparing for admission.
APLC (Asia Pacific Language Center), APU's affiliated English school, offers practical English education that is well-balanced with "listening, speaking, reading and writing".
In addition to the much cheaper tuition fee compared with Europe and the US, multi-ethnicity which can be said to be a microcosm of Asia, and well-organized public transport network and stability in society make globalization education even more effective.

Support for expanding business to Malaysia
We provide services at reasonable prices for companies looking for business development to Malaysia and business alliances with Malaysian companies, from field visit attendants to market research, and even search for candidate partners.

If you ask a major consulting company to do a local market research, it will cost several million yen. We will do it at around 1 million yen (the price varies depending on the size and scope of the survey) without sacrificing the quality of the survey.
It is because we don't require huge management costs or overhead costs unlike large organizations.

Our support for globalization
- English language training in Malaysia
- Global-mindset training
- Market research of Malaysia and nearby countries
- searching alliance partner in Malaysia
- building business stronghold in Malaysia
- Training for the local employees
Track records
- Helping intensive English training in Malaysia
- Attending field visit by building maintenance company, medical device company, agri-business company and so on.
- Supporting M&A

Main service of the Office G&C

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