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Outline of our Lecture

How to improve productivity and how to manage it are our main themes of lecture.

Lecture in a company or other entity or at open seminar would be welcomed.
We have a great deal of experience to customize the content based on client's business nature and participants.

Once we are asked to give a lecture, we will have meeting with our client to make their intention and target clear, then go into the preparation.

Global training record
Company/Entity Target Theme
Otsuka Chemical
Otsuka Chemical
Santen Pharmaceuticals
Malaysia Office of Educatioon Development
National House for Youth
Mitsubishi Electric
SEC Carbon
Bayel Pharmacerticals
Overseas & Japan staffs
Overseas & Japan staffs
Markegin Managers in Asia
Malaysian & Japanese youth
New employees
English trainees
Managers in Japan
Experienced Employees
Basics of Marketing
Basics of Presentation
Know and Implement KPI
Maximize your Team's Capability
The Future You Exploit
Global Mindset
Overseas Intensive English Training
Generating Soft Skills
Global Mindset

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