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Outline of our Coaching Service

Coach means a carriage. There is a carriage drawn small on the logo of a famous brand "COACH".
In the past when there was no car, the carriage was a ride which would take you to where you wanted to go.
Coaching is to help clients set and achieve their goals.
Coach is different from counselor that help solve psychological problems and from consultant who guides solutions.
The coach stands in the position to support the client thinking solutions on their own to the last.
Mr. Jack Welch, Ex-CEO of General Electric Company, who was said to be a legendary manager, took a 27-year-old female coach when he visited Japan in 1999, which got a big attention.

That woman was not rich in business experience. Why did a talented manager like Mr. Welch hired such a person as his coach?
That was because she was a professional coach.

She gave Mr. Welch questions that was beyond his expectation, pulled out his idea and helped him make decisions. He said that "she makes me realize another viewpoint in decision making".

You can not see the back of yourself. If you can realize that figure, you would know how to do it. It is the coach who help you notice your back and think about what to do.

We recommend small business owners and independent business owners (regardless of incorporation) to hire coach to make good decisions by themselves

Our Coaching service

Coaching will be effective if you have it on a continuous basis. From goal setting to practice, we will support the achievement of the goal with objective eyes and questioning. It is effective to have coaching for about 30 minutes once a week or once every two weeks.

The most important principle of coaching is to bring out the idea of the client.
In addition to drawing out ideas, We will provide the client with information if necessary to support effectively for his/her goal.
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